Wednesday, February 28, 2007

National Honor Society President caught drinking!

By "Buster"
It was a tragic time for National Honor Society President Michael Metzner. As part of the campaign he instated after being elected into office, sodas were being eliminated from the WCS campus. But at the back-to-school BBQ at the beginning of this school year, one of our insider photographers snapped this shot of the 11th grader caught in the act.
Yes, he is truly drinking a can of soda.
When questioned what he was doing, Metzner refused to comment, but added that the beverage was sweetened with "splenda" instead of the usual sweeteners found in carbonated soda beverages.
Rumors have been heard that a group of NHS members is moving to impeach Metzner for his rash actions.
"I'm really disappointed in him," said advisor Bill Nicol. "I'm not quite sure how he was elected in the first place. I'm very disappointed."
Metzner pointed out that these 'rumors' were just that: rumors. He declined to comment further.

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